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Rosé 2023

new vintage
HUF 2,390 / bottle
(HUF 3,186/l)
Nature: Dry
Bottle size: 75 cl
Alcohol content: 12%
Recommended drinking temperature: 12-13 °C
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Easy and easily understandable, but special: an elegant, extremely crispy, and dynamic rosé. Put on ice for sunshine, with sparkling water on the beach and for sunsets is the perfect company. Round rosy and fruity flavour, without being too pushy. Exhibits notes of strawberry, raspberry, and woodland berries.

The cooler but sunny weather of Fall 2023 contributed to the fullness of the aromas. It is characterized by a long finish, definite acids and a vibrant flavor. Perfect choice for hot summer nights, and undoubtedly the best wine for a “rosé spritzer”.
Bluefrankish – Pinot Noir
Bluefrankish is the most produced grape variety in Hungary, which is related to the fact, that it is a very thankful plant. It crops well, has a good quality, a solid fragrance: pleasurable, full-bodied red wines and excellent rosés can be made from it besides Bull’s Blood from Eger – by that, a lot can know, as this grape is the base of the blend. We also put it together with Pinot Noir to create our rosé. Pinot Noir is one of the oldest known varieties. It has French origins, a characteristic vine of Burgundy, member of the Pinot family. A noble and capricious variety, showing its best colours on its own. It gives a fierce, savoury wine, but when it is processed as white wine it is also suitable to produce sparkling wines. The red wine from it is attractive for the ones who like easier drinks, because of its low tannin content and lighter colour. Next to its birth region, it gives famous wines is Champagne, Alsace, California, Melbourne region in Australia and lately in Oregon state close to Washington, where a bit colder slopes give it home. Today in Hungary there are 1162 acres of Pinot Noir summing up to 1,8% of all the country’s vineyards. In Badacsony which is famous for its white wines - not without historical reasons- there are 76 acres, what is by far the biggest variety of blue grapes in the area.
Our chef's suggestion:
Works great with seafoods, salmon or with duck. Perfect pairing for red-berries and goat-cheese.

Order the wines of Laposa Birtok. The online shop contains all the items of the estate, watch the webshop for discounted wine packages and monthly selections! We have an offer on Welschriesling, Pinot gris, Kéknyelű, Furmint, sprakling wine from the volcanic mountains of the Badacsony wine region.

You can pick up the wines in person at Hableány restaurant and at Laposa Estate in Badacsony!

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