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Laposa BalatonWine 2022

HUF 2,690 / bottle
(HUF 3,586/l)
Bottle size: 75 cl
Alcohol content: 12%
Recommended drinking temperature: 12-13 °C
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Light-bodied Welschriesling is reminiscent of summer nights, which brings the Balaton feeling along wherever it goes. In 2023 we harvested the grapes from our Gulács vineyard. Characterised by a light-yellow colour and intensive bouquet, including peach, white spring flowers, a little acacia and subtle litchi. Fruity in the mouth with a fine crisp.

We believe in the Vinea Balaton initiation, which defines the product pyramid.
The candidate wines had to pass a series of analytical and sensory tests. BalatonBor is made of a light Welschriesling in each case and bottled uniformly with the same labelling.

Quite in contrast to its European name – which means Romanic Riesling or Olaszrizling in Hungarian – this variety of wine is neither Italian nor Riesling. Its origin is still disputed; however, we know that it has been brought to the Carpathian Basin from our Western European neighbours. Although it shares part of its name with Rhine Riesling, they are genetically unrelated. Having found its perfect home in Central Europe, the variety is grown by several wine regions in Hungary. For most Hungarians, the name Olaszrizling has become synonymous with white wine. Suitable to produce light white wines as well as full-bodied items with long ageing potential…Or for a nice spritzer in summer!
Our chef's suggestion:
Due to its acidity, it works well with rich foods, or foods enriched with sour cream. Work well with fishes too.

Order the wines of Laposa Birtok. The online shop contains all the items of the estate, watch the webshop for discounted wine packages and monthly selections! We have an offer on Welschriesling, Pinot gris, Kéknyelű, Furmint, sprakling wine from the volcanic mountains of the Badacsony wine region.

You can pick up the wines in person at Hableány restaurant and at Laposa Estate in Badacsony!

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