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Laposa Estate

Vineyards on the famous basalt hills, a winery, an estate and lots of gastronomic experiences from beach food, through panoramic restaurants to modern bistro cuisine.Our estate has become one of the most popular wineries in the region. We are proud to show all the flavours and values of the Balaton Uplands through our wines.

Our winery mainly cultivates traditional grape varieties, which are situated in the best-suited sites of the surrounding volcanic buttes. Our four gastronomic units were built around our wines, where besides tastings we welcome our guests all year round with exciting flavours and interesting programmes. In Hableány, which is situated in the centre of Badacsony, wines are made at your fingertips. You can even get into the life of the winery during lunch or dinner, since you can see the tank room from the restaurant but if you really want to experience the process of winemaking, you can also sign up for a guided winery tour. On the side of Badacsony hill, in Laposa Estate the most beautiful panorama of Lake Balaton unfolds in front of you. It is our mission to introduce Badacsony and the Badacsony Wine Region to the world. We set our heart on building a local community, creating inheritable values and timeless investments and developing a long-term approach - even from an economical point of view. We strive for sustainable development that is in harmony with the rhythm of nature. Our goal is to provide a career model for local young generations, showing that it is possible to thrive in the countryside as well.

Each year we develop and expand, but 2019 was a clear milestone in the life of the estate. With the renovation and reopening of Hableány, a modern estate headquarters was created, which also serves as an important community space and meeting point for the Badacsony region. It was also a huge development for our estate: finally, everything is in one place, besides the winery and the processing plant there is a wine bar, a restaurant, a wine shop and also our office is here.

In our winery we mostly make white wines. We work with traditional, local grape varieties typical of the Badacsony wine region. We produce about 600,000 bottles a year, our main varieties are Welschriesling, Rhine Riesling, Pinot Gris, Kéknyelű and Furmint. We have long-aged, barrelled, vineyard selections, but we also make fresh, reductive wines. You will find the right accompaniment for every occasion, and can also purchase our wines from our webshop.

Discover the full range of wines from Laposa Birtok and buy them in the webshop!

In our wines – to which intensity and clarity are given by the appliance of modern technologies – we aim to show all the beauty of the volcanic hills.

Our basic selection (Friss, Illatos and Rosé) consists of more fruity and light wines, whilst our premium wines get more emphasis on the minerality of the terroir, which is associated with elegance every time.

In wine making we thrive complexity with freshness: in the wines all flavours should be present, we make them to be easily drinkable, and to show the characteristics of the terroir and the variety – without being showish or exaggerated.

It all started in 1978 in the Balaton Uplands - exactly on a train where our parents met. Not long after, in the same year, the marriage took place in the Hableány building, which is the headquarters of the Laposa Estate today. Thus, the barrel maker Laposa family from Budapest and the winemaker Barabás family from Badacsony merged. Our parents received a small wine-press house in the Balaton Uplands as a wedding present, where we all spent more and more time later.

The winery started to expand from the beginning of the ’90s. Our father had a head for choosing the best located areas in the Badacsony wine region, so our biggest plots are in Badacsony and Csobánc hill. To this day, the areas purchased at that time provide the backbone of the Laposa Estate, which has now grown to 30 acres.

The family has permanently moved from Budapest to Badacsony in the last 10 years. Our parents, dr. József Laposa and Eleonóra have retired in the meantime, and we - the second generation - have taken over the main tasks from them.

“We did not quite go the classical way as we moved here from Budapest. One could hardly resist falling in love with this landscape... Perhaps it is a stranger’s privilege to become the perfect patriot?! We firmly believe that the balance of nature and economy can be sustained in our immediate environment. That is the reason why we buy our ingredients of the region from local producers, while bearing seasonality in mind. To that end, we keep coming up with new ideas year after year, open new places where we gladly spend time, organise events in which we are pleased to take part, and upgrade Badacsony as a whole, because our future is here.”


Badacsony is the jewellery box of Hungary, and we would like to introduce it to as many people as possible. We believe this is one of the most beautiful corners of the world on the shores of Lake Balaton. There are: witness hills, stone sea, hiking trails, lookout tower, breath-taking panorama, chapels and churches, and of course the most exciting white wines in the depths of the cellars: Welschriesling, Pinot Gris, Kéknyelű… Hableány is in the centre of Badacsony, close to the beach, the port, Egry József Memorial Museum and Hotel Bonvino. On the way to the hill you can find our favourite chilling place frissTerasz, where you can find the best burgers, parties, DJ sets, kid’s programmes, parasols and amazing wines. Going higher on the hill, in the place of the old Bogyay Estate Laposa Wine Terrace awaits its guest. From here, all the sights are easily accessible. Kisfaludy House, the Szegedy Róza House, Rózsakő, the Ranolder Cross, the Badacsony section of the National Blue Trail or the Kisfalufy Lookout Tower are all a short walk away from the wine terrace. Sights of the Balaton Uplands are also easily accessible, such as the Tapolca Spring Cave, the Káli Basin, the Káptalantóti Market, the Csobánc hill and the Szigliget Castle.

8261 Badacsony, Bogyay Lajos u. 1.
GPS koordináták: É 46.79241° x K 17.49313°
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8261 Badacsony, Park u. 26.
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