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​God’s Steep 2020

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HUF 7,990 / bottle
(HUF 10,066/l)
Nature: Dry
Bottle size: 75 cl
Alcohol content: 13%
Recommended drinking temperature: 14 °C
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„First of all Badacsony stands above everything, it looks to the Balaton, its exposure is towards the sun, its soil is the best in every aspect to make wines, so to say it was created for that….”, 1858, Antal Gyürky

This Kéknyelű is also a family member in our single vineyard selection series. The southern slope of Badacsony hill is the most of all: the steepest, the hottest and for us also the most beautiful in the region. It must have not been just us thinking this way, as once this was the centre of the Europe famous Bogyay Estate. Now it gives home to the Laposa Wine Terrace.

100 years ago, it was all traditionally cultivated and when we bought the land left by the state farm it was a continuous shrubbery. We have planted our first vines in 1992. Now only hand cultivated grapes can be found here on micro terraces with Pinot Grigio, Welschriesling and Kéknyelű.

The sunshine reflecting from Lake Balaton and the balance effect of the night temperature help to keep the acidity, while the basalt stones give an unmistakable taste and aroma to our God’s Steep Kéknyelű. When young it is flowery after ageing yellow fruits appear on the nose. A real curiosity straight from Badacsony!

Kéknyelű is an ancient Hungarian grape variety, which remains to be found solely in Badacsony today. The grape was named after the blueish-reddish colour of its petioles. Since it only bears female inflorescence, it must be grown alongside a stamina vine, with Rózsakő being commonly used for that purpose (Budai Zöld was used in the past). She often has uncertain and low crop yields – that is the reason why it used to be mocked as “Gent’s Grape” implying that only a gentleman could afford a low yield. Lord paramount of all Badacsony wines perfectly expressing the typical characters of the volcanic terroir.
Our chef's suggestion:
This more matuded Kéknyelű is excellent with grilled vegetables, dishes made of poultry or even pork. It perfectly completements any creamy sides, toasted nuts, or cream soups.

Order the wines of Laposa Birtok. The online shop contains all the items of the estate, watch the webshop for discounted wine packages and monthly selections! We have an offer on Welschriesling, Pinot gris, Kéknyelű, Furmint, sprakling wine from the volcanic mountains of the Badacsony wine region.

You can pick up the wines in person at Hableány restaurant and at Laposa Estate in Badacsony!

8261 Badacsony, Bogyay Lajos u. 1.
GPS koordináták: É 46.79241° x K 17.49313°
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8261 Badacsony, Park u. 26.
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