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​Stone Sea 2019

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HUF 7,990 / bottle
(HUF 10,050/l)
Nature: Dry
Bottle size: 75 cl
Alcohol content: 12,5%
Recommended drinking temperature: 14 °C
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„ The location of the vineyards is best when it falls south, because this way the sun lies in it so as winegrowers used to say. For the position, it is also important that the grapes are on a middle height hillside. The smaller hills, piles and low-lands are not for them.” - beginning of 1800 by János Nagyváthy

Furmint is one of Hungary’s most popular white grape varieties which is well known in the Badacsony wine region as well. The name Stone Sea was inspired by the harmony of the soil and the variety. This is an unconventional Furmint: the unique climate, the soil and location result in an extremely vibrant wine. The taste is dominated by green apples, creamy butter and minerality. In its scent, quince, pear, and the wooden barrel also prescribe the secondary scent notes. Harvested in 2019 in full maturity, rich in acids, young developing.

Can be a great accessory for a celebration.

Its origin is uncertain, however, its history traces back to the 13th century when it was found in Tokaj-Hegyalja, thus being regarded as a Hungarian grape variety. The variety is widely known for its sweet noble wines, yet the rest of the Carpathian Basin have used it for producing dry wines right from the beginning. Today, dry Furmint is getting increasingly popular in the Balaton Uplands as well. It particularly likes volcanic soil. According to linguists, the name „furmint” is a French borrowing which has its root in the Latin word frumentum, that means “crop”.
Our chef's suggestion:
It can be a great pair to any creamy and heavier dishes. It can work well with poultry and game birds, fish and pork dishes.

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You can pick up the wines in person at Hableány restaurant and at Laposa Estate in Badacsony!

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