Laposa Gastro Estate


The Laposa Gastro Estate encloses Badacsony. Next to the vineyards, from the foot of the mountain to the most beautiful panoramic terrace of the mountain, we look forward to showing you this volcanic wine region, the history of the countryside, the witness mountains, the philosophy of the estate along which we make our wines.


Close to Badacsony railway station, the beach and the port of Badacsony, the Hableány, reopened in 2019, is located in the city center. Start the walk from here! Next to the wine cellar there is a contemporary Balaton bistro kitchen with local ingredients, a huge terrace and a local history exhibition. You can see the tank room next to the tables, so the visitor can get even closer to the wine-making process. During the factory visit, you can get an insight into the cellar, the factory, the process of making sparkling wine and the life of the estate during wine tasting.

Hableány has always been a meeting point: a venue for weddings, birthdays, big conversations, first a hostel, then a shop, a restaurant, and lastly a modern streetfood bistro called Kishableány. Now an estate center, wine shop, shop, bistro and restaurant in one, the gateway to the wine region.

“It’s an incredible feeling to be able to give back to the community by renovating a building that belongs to a cityscape, endowing it with new features, yet respecting the past. The Hableány has come a long way, with the renovation of an iconic building, a new building has been reborn, updated, expanded and brought to new life. ”

Laposa Bence

From the Hableány, then head towards the mountain and then take a left turn along the Roman road, admiring the rows of vineyards and old houses. We will soon reach the frissTerasz, famous for its lazy afternoons and first-class burgers. The burgers are made from local ingredients, the bun is baked at the local bakery, the sauce and the mayonnaise are homemade. A splash or a fresh batch of white wines from Laposa Birtok (Welschriesling, Pinot Gris, Kéknyelű is also on the drink page). The frissTerasz is kid-friendly, a playground awaits children and dogs are also welcome. In the evenings, concerts, DJ sets and parties are common.

On Kisfaludy Sándor Street, heading towards the top of Badacsony, the Szőlőhegy Bistro, which used to be the center of the Szeremley Estate, and then a restaurant called St. Orban, is just on our way. Szőlőhegy Bistro is a home to classic Hungarian flavors, homely hospitality and local ingredients, on the menu (seasonally) duck liver with onion, chicken soup, goulash, Wienerschnitzel In addition to the dishes, you can taste the wines of the Laposa Estate, and under the romantic grape bower, you can enjoy the undisturbed panorama.

From here, the road leads up the Bogyay Lajos road to the Laposa Wine Terrace. Here you will find the most beautiful sights and sunsets in the area. You can also take part in the wine tasting on the terrace, all the wines of the estate can be tried out, and the kitchen prepares gourmet bowls from the products of local producers


Badacsony is the jewellery box of Hungary, and we would like to introduce it to as many people as possible. We believe this is one of the most beautiful corners of the world on the shores of Lake Balaton. There are: witness hills, stone sea, hiking trails, lookout tower, breath-taking panorama, chapels and churches, and of course the most exciting white wines in the depths of the cellars: Welschriesling, Pinot Gris, Kéknyelű… Hableány is in the centre of Badacsony, close to the beach, the port, Egri József Memorial Museum and Hotel Bonvino. On the way to the hill you can find our favourite chilling place frissTerasz, where you can find the best burgers, parties, DJ sets, kid’s programmes, parasols and amazing wines. Continuing your walk towards the hill on Kisfaludy road, you can find the most romantic place of the mountain to the right, Szőlőhegy Bisztró, where you can enjoy the classics of Hungarian cuisine and wonderful panorama under the old wine covered pergola. Going higher on the hill, in the place of the old Bogyay Estate Laposa Wine Terrace awaits its guest. From here, all the sights are easily accessible. Kisfaludy House, the Szegedy Róza House, Rózsakő, the Ranolder Cross, the Badacsony section of the National Blue Trail or the Kisfalufy Lookout Tower are all a short walk away from the wine terrace. Sights of the Balaton Uplands are also easily accessible, such as the Tapolca Spring Cave, the Káli Basin, the Káptalantóti Market, the Csobánc hill and the Szigliget Castle.